Welcome to our Parish Website


May we be of help to you, as you check our website for information about our parish community.  The data and information that you will find are not indicative of who or what we are.  Technology may have lessened somehow our physical interactions, but has added a different layer to our personal relationships, as followers of Jesus, our Savior.

So, come and visit our Church here in Howell, New Jersey.  Join us for our liturgies and sacraments.  Say a prayer to St. Veronica, our Patroness.  And, express your faith and your love as you use your time, develop your talent, and generously share from your resources.

God loves you always and in all ways!

Rev. Peter James R. Alindogan




Prayer to Saint Veronica


O My Jesus,

Saint Veronica served You on the way to Calvary

by wiping Your beloved face with a towel

on which Your sacred image then appeared.

She protected this treasure, and whenever people touched it,

they were miraculously healed.

I ask her to pray for the growth of my ability to see

Your sacred image in others,

to recognize their hurts, to stop and join them on their difficult journeys,

and to feel the same compassion for them as she did for You.

Show me how to wipe their faces, serve their needs, and heal their wounds,

reminding me that as I do this for them, I also do this for You.


Saint Veronica, pray for us.