Stewardship is a Way of Life. Stewardship means that we recognize all we are and all we have is a gift from God.
Volunteers are important to St. Veronica Parish! Volunteers share their precious time and God given talents, gifts, skills and abilities to participate in and support the life of the parish.
If you would like to volunteer, please fill out a
  volunteer form.

What is your special talent that you can share with the St. Veronica community to make a difference? What do you do well? Is it visiting the sick and elderly? (Visiting Ministers)  Is it helping feed the hungry? (Food Pantry) Is it teaching? (Religious Education) Are you a musician? (Music Ministry)

We have so many opportunities where you, with your special talents, could make a huge difference. Your talent could be a smile for your neighbor (Helping in the church office) or a financial background (Finance Council). 

Looking for a specific opportunity? Contact us at the one of the emails below to get started.

Fill out our volunteer form:

A liturgical ministry is simply being involved with or assisting with the Mass. While the priest is the presider and main guide for the movement of the liturgy, it is a community effort to complete the Mass. 

To Volunteer, please contact:
Music (choir and instruments): music@stveronica.com

Extraordinary ministers of communion: Deacon John at deacon.John@stveronica.com
Readers: Deacon Phil Thompson at deacon.phil@stveronica.com
Altar servers: Fr.Chang@stveronica.com
Ushers & Greeters: Frank Lynch at flynchii@gmail.com

OFFICE KIOSK VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Volunteers are needed in the Narthex to assist parishioners on Sundays to help before and after Masses. Arrive 20 minutes before Mass and help Mass attendees with basic needs including handing out new parishioner forms, taking intention requests, and answering basic questions.
Training provided! Email: businessmanager@stveronica.com

COMMUNITY BUILDING COMMITTEE St. Veronica has formed a Community Building Committee to brainstorm, plan & run events at the parish. If you are interested and for more information please send an email to businessmanager@stveronica.com

Don’t see anything? Call us at 732-363-4200 and see how you can help.